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Interlock Device Installation:
A Comprehensive Guide with Ohio Interlock


If you’ve received a court order for an interlock device installation due to a DUI, you likely have questions about the process. This guide covers everything you need to know about installing an interlock device, from its purpose to the installation process and beyond.

An ignition interlock device is essentially a breathalyzer installed in your vehicle to monitor your blood alcohol level before driving. It requires a breath test before starting the car and often requires rolling retests while driving to ensure sobriety. This device acts as a safety measure to prevent drunk driving incidents.

Interlock devices are typically mandated for individuals with DUI convictions, allowing them to continue driving for essential purposes like work or school. The installation process involves scheduling an appointment with Ohio Interlock, a certified provider, who will professionally install the device and provide necessary training.

  • During installation, a technician from Ohio Interlock will install the device and provide hands-on training on its usage. Attempting to install the device yourself is illegal and may result in penalties. The entire installation process usually takes about an hour or two, depending on the vehicle's make and model.

  • It's crucial to have the device installed by Ohio Interlock to ensure proper functioning and compliance with legal requirements. Regular recalibration appointments are necessary, so choosing a conveniently located Ohio Interlock service center is advisable.

  • Interlock devices can usually be installed in older vehicles if they meet certain electrical standards. However, permission from the registered owner and their presence during installation may be required for vehicles not registered to the user.

  • While most cars won't require additional modifications for installation, consulting with Ohio Interlock before any maintenance work is recommended to avoid triggering tampering alerts. Similarly, disconnecting the battery or attempting any unauthorized adjustments can result in penalties.

  • Interlock devices typically do not drain the battery significantly, but leaving the vehicle unused for extended periods may affect battery life. The device cannot turn off the vehicle but can signal alerts if a breath test fails.

  • Properly installed and serviced interlock devices do not damage vehicles. However, tampering or DIY adjustments can cause harm and are illegal. Driving to installation appointments may depend on the status of your driving privileges.

  • Removing the interlock device should be done by a professional technician at Ohio Interlock's service center. The timing of removal is determined by individual cases and court orders. Choosing Ohio Interlock as a reputable provider involves considering factors like location, history, and insurance options.

Scheduling installation involves contacting Ohio Interlock to set up an appointment. Ohio Interlock is highlighted as an affordable option for interlock device services.

In summary, installing an interlock device involves professional installation, adherence to legal requirements, and regular maintenance. Choosing Ohio Interlock as a certified provider and following proper procedures ensure compliance and safety on the road.

Interlock device installation
is easy and convenient.

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