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Ignition Interlock

Most affordable Ignition Interlock device on the market.


With the largest service network in the state of Ohio, customers can rely on Ohio Interlock for the best value and quality in Ignition Interlock devices. When you use Ohio Interlock’s device, expect only the most accurate results so you never have to worry about false positive readings. Today, this device is considered by many experts and authorities to represent the most advanced and reliable technology in the industry and can be installed on any type of motor vehicle. The device utilizes state-of-the-art fuel cell technology allowing for the highest level of accuracy. It has been certified by an independent laboratory to meet all National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards.

We offer one of the fastest devices on the market so you can spend more time driving and less time interacting with the device. While other devices can take up to three minutes to activate, our devices operate in extreme temperatures. Disconnecting features allow you to bring our device with you to keep at room temps and avoid theft. While most devices require humming, delays, and altered breathing techniques, we have a simple one blow procedure. Once your car is turned on, you just blow. Your lifestyle shouldn’t change because of this new requirement. Our devices are compact and easily hidden, so your personal business remains personal. Let us help with the interlock device installation today!


Ohio Interlock - Ignition Interlock Advantages

  • No wait time over 0° F

  • Xtended Fuel Cell Sensor Technology ensures highest accuracy in the industry

  • No false positives – alcohol specific testing

  • LED screen displays BrAC reading

  • Easy to use – no humming, no button activation

  • Heat, cold and tamper resistant

  • Disconnecting feature avoiding theft and damage

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