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Regain Your License

When you are going through the steps to regaining your license, it is always helpful to have Ohio Interlock’s experienced staff to guide you through the proper steps and procedures. That is especially true when going through a legal matter like a DUI.


With our knowledgeable staff, we will guide you through the State of Ohio’s process and get you driving again quickly and painlessly. You will find our level of expertise and knowledge for the State of Ohio ignition interlock laws is far more hands-on than with any other ignition interlock company by far.

We offer discounts and promotions throughout the State of Ohio. Contact Ohio Interlock for available immediate appointments at (866) 616-3133, or fill out our contact form and notify us of your phone number and a time when you’d like us to contact you. After speaking with our staff we will make you aware of everything you will need in order to have your ignition interlock installed and get you driving legally.

Why choose Ohio Interlock’s services?

Ohio Interlock’s service and excellent customer support is proven beyond other service providers.

  • Best monthly pricing

  • Device Protection Plan

  • Multiple service locations conveniently located throughout the State of Ohio

  • Flexible installation scheduling throughout the week and weekends in locations

  • Multiple payment options accepted

  • Easy to read digital display screen

  • Text messaging reminders

  • On-screen messaging and reminders

  • No button activation

  • Straight blow pattern needing no humming procedure required

  • Dual heating elements provide immediate start up features

  • Wireless and detachable device which provides no need for warm up time

  • State of Ohio certified technicians for proper installations and service

  • Precise technology

Dedicated Support with a
Staffed Monitoring Department

dedicated support
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